Tips By MOB Agency: How To Find A Mail Order Bride?

Our company is a specialist in the search for mail order brides and we are ready to share with you the secrets of a perfect international marriage. If you are ready to immerse yourself in family life and a happy marriage, welcome to dating websites. These are not typical cheap one-night dating services. Here you can find a real girl who previously was only your dream.


How many international couples in the world?

According to statistics, more than a million ethnic couples marry every year in the world. These may be people from all over the world who traveled and accidentally found each other or those who sought their love abroad purposefully. Online dating is now a very popular phenomenon, so more and more people are finding their families.

Now people do not have enough time to go on dates constantly and actively seek their other half. That is why it is no longer something weird when you tell someone that you met your mail order wife on the Internet. Dating websites are a great way to quickly and efficiently find your love.

How does mail order brides dating work?

This helps people in thousands of kilometers from each other find each other and get to know each other better. We got this opportunity thanks to the Internet and how we use it for the best purposes. Mail order bride sites have a certain category of people: people who are looking for a foreign bride and are ready to get married. That is, we immediately remove people who are not ready for this. This facilitates our search and narrows the circle of applicants.

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In order to find the mail order wife you need, we must first conduct a survey for you. It will look like this:

  • Do you have any wishes regarding the nationality of the girl?
  • How do you want to see her appearance?
  • What character traits should she have?
  • What role do you see her after marriage?
  • What qualities do you have?
  • What negative qualities did your relatives tell you more than once?
  • Do you have bad habits?
  • Do you like children? Animals?
  • What are your hobbies?

We also ask these and other questions to potential brides and then distribute them in pairs of people who are ideally suited to each other. Thanks to these simple questions, we can understand the requests and wishes of the mail order bride and groom. If such questions were held on dates, we could avoid a lot of bad relationships.

Why do women become mail order brides?

Women become mail order brides because they see no reason to marry men from their country. These are women from Slavic (Russia, Ukraine) countries, Asian countries and Latin America. This has a low economy and, obviously, mail order wives want to move to more prosperous countries in order to give birth and raise their children here.

But they also do not pursue the goal of receiving your money, because, as a rule, their requests are very modest. It is enough for you to have the opportunity to provide for your family while it will deal with children and families. Like all mail order wives, they want to find their love and American men suit them more in temperament.

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While American and European men complain that their women do not want to get married and think only about their careers, mail order brides dream of starting a family from the age of 20. Therefore, you should not be surprised if you see young girls on the site. For example, in Russia and Ukraine, girls finish their studies at the university in 21-22 years and immediately after that, as a rule, they get married and give birth to children. These are cultural features – they try to do this as early as possible and always want to be young parents.

How to communicate with a woman virtually?

If this is your first time encountering dating websites, it may not be easy for you to understand the rules of online communication. Indeed, this is real art these days, about which books are written. So what you should know if you are new to online dating:

  • Be polite and kind. This is a simple rule that many people forget about on the Internet. The Internet gives us the opportunity to communicate more boldly, but this does not mean that you should be rude if you did not like something. Stay always neutral.
  • Write as you would say. Create an intonation for yourself and imagine that you are telling her that. Could you say that? If yes, then write.
  • Write more. Write about yourself, ask questions and don’t leave her with vague answers like “How r u?”, “I’m ok, thanks”. This is not the best way to get to know each other.
  • Skype. If you are not a writer or you just chatted enough, be sure to call Skype or instant messenger. Firstly, this will allow you to make sure that this is a real person and that it matches the photos and description. If she refuses to show herself, this should alert you.

These simple rules will help you communicate more effectively with girls and not waste your time on scammers or just frivolous girls. Also, pay your attention to all suspicious users. Never transfer money to users. Or just follow the tips from our blog so as not to stumble on bad sites or bad girls.

How do we find girls whom we introduce potential suitors?

We carefully select girls who can become candidates for your brides. We check their documents, the criminal past and all the information available to us. The girls we represent are always real and match the photos.

We advertise about marriage, and also offer individual girls to try this kind of dating. Very often, girls agree when they see our catalog with foreign men, even if they did not think about becoming mail order brides.

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All the girls pass our face control – we do not take each. To get on our list, you need to look good, be an interesting person, and generally like men. Therefore, we offer our customers acquaintances that will definitely not disappoint them. Even if you understand that you do not fit each other, you will have a good time in the company of a beautiful young girl.

What are the costs of mail order brides?

The costs of mail order brides are not much higher than the costs of unsuccessful blind dates. You will only need to pay for the work of the site, the flight to another country for your mail order bride, the cost of processing all the documents after marriage. Of course, you go on a few dates, but as a rule, usually, couples get married right away and begin to live along with family life. You may not even have a big wedding, but just a small ceremony. This will be the best celebration option with your mail order bride. The price of the wedding itself will be minimal.


If you have definitely decided to get married, you should try our site. We have found the best girls for you from all over the world and each of them is already waiting for his prince. You should not wait a few more single years. You have nothing to lose, just try it now. Register on the site and choose a girl!